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Punk Rock Pariah with Grendel & Greg

Hosted by award-winning Disc Jockey Grendel and world-renowned speaker and musician Greg Bennick, PRP is a podcast at the intersection of politics, pop culture, and punk.

May 24, 2011

On episode 7 of Punk Rock Pariah, Grendel welcomes in Toby Jeg, founder of Red Scare Industries. Red Scare is a punk rock record label based out of Chicago, IL featuring great punk bands like Cobra Skulls, The Falcon, The Copyrights, and Teenage Bottlerocket. We play some tunes and talk about everything great in life...punk rock, Ben Weasel being a dick, and getting sued by John Elway. Yes, that's breaking news folks, and you heard it first here on PRP. So grab some whiskey, turn on the podcast, and start sending out your twitter hatemail to @PunkPodcast and @RedScareToby.